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founded in 2016, qiao's enterprise is a private innovation oriented enterprise in china. its growth is steady and its operating income has increased by 20% in recent years.the group is concerned about low carbon business and social welfare, and many of its subsidiaries are welfare enterprises.

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oint-stock co., ltd., founded in 2018, is a well-known private enterprise group in china. it covers electrical cable / new materials / new energy and large health industry, real estate development, supply chain finance and international trade. qiao's enterprise is one of the fastest growing enterprises in china's private enterprises.

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网贷投资者的风险主要是借款人不履行还款义务,所以投资者除了看平台安全保障方式判断其保障能力外,更要看标的借款人信息,对投资风险作全面评估   近日,记者了解到,目前已有25家平台接入中国互联网金融协会登记披露服务平台。其中,有16家平台均出现不同程度的逾期情况,占比64%。与此同时,在网贷之家及盈灿咨询联合发布的6月份全国网贷“百强”平台中,有61家披露了逾期情况,其中36家数据显示存在项目逾期情况,占比达59%。


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